Design Tips

On this page you'll find a series of videos we've made to address some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about the design process. Feel free to browse through the videos and if you have any questions, please send them to us using the form at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

Technology Convergence

These days technologies are literally evolving by the day. So when it comes to product development, how does this process affect the way we plan our project?


Magic happens in the Silicon Valley for some very good reasons. They will be discussed here!


The Product Development Funnel is what I call the process of taking many ideas, narrowing them down to one, then bringing that idea into reality.


This a video about the practice of both ready for change at a moments notice while also being prepared to react if and when necessary.

Four Rules

In this video, I explain four rules that i follow in everything I do.


Nutek is a company we recently did a project for. This project illustrates a variety of our capabilities here at fusion Design.

find the best manufacturer

Where do you found that specialized manufacturer that can produce your product components? here is a backdoor way.

Sketching Saves money

in this fusion Design tip video, I'll discuss how sketching saves time and money in the design process.

Concept to Creation

Here at Fusion Design, we use a process we call "Conceptions to Creation" to help our clients take an idea all the way to reality.

Corner to Corner

For this Fusion design tip, I discuss the challenges of following a logical path to a great solution. We may not all think alike, but we certainly have similar tendencies.

Mini Models

A fast way to study large system designs is a low cost, small and rapid format.

Where does Design Begin?

Where exactly does the design process begin?

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