Interview by Scansite 3D

Recently Mark Brinkerhoff and Rajiv Katwala were interviewed by Scansite 3D, leaders in state-of-the-art 3D scanning services with established clients like Boeing, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NASA, Richard MacDonald Studio, NIKE, Hyundai, Warner Brother and the Smithsonian.

Fusion Design has done over 1,200 projects in the last 30 years and Mark shares his favorites:

Mark loves the flexibility and the variety of so many projects and has worked on tiny embeddable medical devices up to huge automated tractors.

An Elegant and Simple Product that Solves a Difficult Problem

Mark shares about how you blend your design with your manufacturing targets to have a successful product that fits your customers needs.

The Prototyping Process is Flipped Upside Down, Rapidly Providing Answers!

Before you had to do a great deal of planning early on: plan, plan, plan! And then execute because the prototyping process was difficult and super expensive. Now it has been flipped upside down. It's like, “Ah, I have an idea, I'm going to print it tonight and try it tomorrow. It may not work but I bet I'll learn something. If you do that every day, before you know it, you rapidly have a solid answer.

Early Feedback from Manufacturers

Mark shares the benefit of getting feedback from the manufacturers all the way through the design process:

Releasing to Manufacturing

Things are ready to go to production and you now have to define the finished quality, the material choices and mass production:

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